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FREE Skin Cancer Screenings

For 40 years, Soderstrom Skin Institute has offered free Skin Cancer Screenings for the public. At these screenings, hundreds of people may be seen in one day; over the years, we have found hundreds of malignant melanomas, basal cell and squamous cell skin cancers, and thousands of changing, irregular and worrisome moles.

These screenings have allowed early detection and early treatment of skin cancers, particularly malignant melanomas, and have saved countless lives.

Washington Tornado Relief

On November 17, 2013 a class EF4 tornado touched down in the community of Washington, IL. Soderstrom Skin Institute raised funds for families affected by the tornado outbreak. The Miller Family designed a patch that depicted the support that their family received.

Public Support Groups

Soderstrom Skin Institute has supported the Central Illinois Lupus Society for more than 30 years. Based on our administrative support, major educational contributions, and public lectures, we were awarded the Fidelitus Award. To this day, the Central Illinois Lupus Society’s Board of Directors meets monthly in our facility.

Heartland Clinic

Soderstrom Skin Institute is a founding supporter and continuous contributor of Heartland Clinic.  In an effort to help those struggling to afford the costs associated with proper medical care, we accept referrals from Heartland Clinic on an “as necessary” basis and patients are treated free of charge.

Illinois Public Aid

Soderstrom Skin Institute has always made an effort to care for patients on Illinois Public Aid. Although many physicians no longer accept public aid patients, we believe it is our civic and moral responsibility to extend our services to everyone.

Rolan Johnson Christmas Cards

Each year, Soderstrom Skin Institute, displays a beautifully framed collection of the Rolan Johnson Christmas Cards in November and December.  At Christmas time, we invite the public to share this inspirational experience. In addition, we participate with the Sisters of St. Francis of the Immaculate Conception in the sale of the Rolan Johnson Christmas tree ornaments to help with their charitable efforts.

Patient Education

At Soderstrom Skin Institute, we believe that an informed and educated patient makes for better treatment of their diseases. The more a patient understands about the disease and potential treatments, the better able they are to make wise and informed choices. Ultimately, we have seen that if the patient takes an active role and has greater input and participation in the decisions concerning their illness, they are more likely to comply with their treatment programs.

For 40 years we have committed ourselves to educating our patients. We have written and published multiple brochures on a variety of diseases, and distribute our educational magazine, SkinNews, annually.  In addition, we have developed information sheets on all of the common dermatologic diseases as well as extensive educational booklets on acne and psoriasis. SkinNews has evolved into a rather extensive educational booklet containing information on disease treatments as well as the dermatologic, laser, and cosmetic procedures we offer.

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