The effects of aging are inevitable and for many the processes of growing old means coping with skin that appears worn and uneven. These common symptoms are often a result of darker pigmented spots on the skin. These areas of discoloration are seen in middle aged or elderly individuals and are a result of years of negligence. A constant reminder of the importance of SPF and preventative skin care, age spots can be unsightly, numerous and detract from the skin’s natural beauty.

What are Pigment Spots?

Pigment spots, also known as age spots or liver spots, are discolored patches of skin that appear on the areas of the body most commonly exposed to the sun. Pigment spots occur when melanin, the pigment in the upper layer of skin, clumps together. This is due to the skin’s overexposure to UV light and individuals with fair skin are usually at a higher risk. The flat oval shaped areas range from freckle-size to over half an inch, and can be brown, black or gray in color. 

What are the treatment options?

Typically, pigment spots are harmless, though they may alter a person’s appearance and negatively effect the way they feel about their skin. It is important to consult a doctor if you notice that spots have changed in size or shape, as this could be a symptom of melanoma. Treatment is highly effective at removing unwanted discoloration. Soderstrom Skin Institute utilizes the most advanced laser technology, the CO2 Fractional Laser to treat their patients. The laser works as the skin rapidly absorbs the laser’s light energy, vaporizing the unwanted melanin and lightening pigment.*

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